Crystal Deodorant

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Helps to stop odor-causing bacteria without stopping natural perspiration or blocking pores.
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Approx 75 g / 2.65 oz.
  • Problem & Solution

    Problema: Los desodorantes tradicionales con perfumes, emulsionantes y otros químicos nocivos pueden penetrar en la piel y obstruir los poros. También pueden irritar la piel después de afeitarse.

    Solución: Ten el desodorante Crystal Deodorant en el armario del baño y en el bolso para el gimnasio. Es una manera natural de evitar el mal olor y cuidar la delicada piel debajo de los brazos.

  • How To Use


    Traditional deodorants with perfumes, emulsifiers and other harmful chemicals can penetrate skin and clog pores. They can also irritate the skin after shaving.


    Keep Crystal Deodorant in your bathroom cabinet and gym bag. It’s a natural way to keep odor at bay and be kind to the sensitive skin under  your arms.

  • Features & Benefits
    •     Contains no additional oils, perfumes or other additives
    •     Formulated with crystalized natural mineral salts and ammonium alum
    •     Formula does not clog pores.
    •     Odorless, non-sticky and non-staining
    •     Can also be used on feet to control odors
    •     Moisten top of stone before each use by briefly running under faucet.
    •     Apply on underarm area.
    •     Rinse stone under water and wipe dry.
    •     Replace lid.
    •     Can be used after shaving.
  • Did You Know?
    •     Human perspiration is largely odorless; that is, until it is fermented by bacteria that thrive in warm, humid places like under your arms.
    •     The human underarm is among the most consistently warm areas on the surface of the human body.

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